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Peregrinations are journeys or pilgrimages, especially ones that are made on foot. This word typically applies to traveling or meandering for an extended period of time or over a great distance.  It could also apply to mental exercises ... essential to the imagining of works of art.

"in the beginning"

These works are inspired by the writings of Louise Bourgeois.  In "The Destruction of the Father" she writes how the spiral can, metaphorically speaking, represent where we are psychologically.  Circumstances place us sometimes in the vortex, spinning out of control or on the peripheral, open and receptive.  Each piece represents organic entities, witnesses and participants to life. -jbs

"plasticity. the elusive vs. the natural order"

 3-dimensional microcosms that depict the possible total desecration of our earth's resources.  This works illustrates, starting at the molecular level, the beginning stages of organic matter through decomposition.  My pieces explore the premise that from the proliferation of "Plastic Pollution", the organic is replaced by the inorganic. - jbs


"Clouds suit my mood just fine" - Marie Lu, Author

"Clouds tell an ever changing story .... weaving their way through the atmosphere offering up the surreal reality of dreams" - jbs

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